Safety tips for visiting Tortuguero

Safety tips for visiting Tortuguero

Tortuguero is a fantastic place. What makes it so special is being a nature reserve where human interference is strictly controlled. This is done in order to protect the fauna and the flora of the area to the most extent possible. Because of this, you need to be prepared because it is not like you can walk to the nearest pharmacy or store just like you do at home. Let’s share with you our safety tips for visiting Tortuguero.

boat over tortuguero river


As we mentioned several times on our website and in other articles, boats are the main way to move around here. Almost no roads and the few ones are just suitable for motorcycles. So you will be riding boats while staying at Tortuguero. When it comes to guided trips and hosting packages, like our nice packages, you’ll be riding boats that are always checked and count with all the safety regulations.


Life jackets for every passenger, experienced helmsman, following all the safety regulations, boats constantly checked by certified mechanics. These are just some of the advantages of coordinating your visit with a hotel like ours. But if you need to go there on your own, be aware that public transportation does not count with a life jacket for passengers. Much better to bring your own life jacket in case you need to move around the area on your own terms.


Whenever a boat is on the move, stay sit. It is easy to lose balance and falling in the water is not the worst scenario but falling on someone or something else and getting some bruises. Traveling by boat is one of the most relaxing experiences one can have. Just sit, and enjoy the travel.

first aid kit and a bottle of water

Water and provisions

Tortuguero is that kind of place you have to go prepared. A good backpack will be your best partner on this trip. You don’t need to pack a lot but the necessary. Water’s the first because most of the hotels around the area depend on water wells. We can’t say all of these waters aren’t drinkable but those with delicate stomachs could have some issues.


Having a good bottle of water is a must. You can refill your bottle in town. Or buy some in any supermarket downtown that you pass by before getting to the dock. Turtle Beach Lodge always offers you the best quality water for drinking in our hotel lobby. Just refill anytime you want to drink water and take it to your room.


Bottled water in Costa Rica is not expensive, for a dollar, you can get a 1-liter bottle, enough for a whole day. When it comes to food, it is good for you to have some snacks like energy bars in your backpack. While most of the hotels around Tortuguero offer snacks in their lobbies, maybe some could not be to your taste. Have something you like ready in your backpack.


Last but not least in your provisions, some pills for body aches can be life savers sometimes. Our lobby counts on first aid medkits and over-the-counter drugs. But it won’t kill you having your own in case you are not in the hotel. Something against dizziness could be useful if you start to feel strange while on the boat.

rubber boots hanged on a wall

Clothes and shoes

Choosing the right clothing is important to deal with the weather and the jungle. Tortuguero can be hot and humid. Wrong clothes can cause light fainting or dehydration. Fresh clothes are good while you’re traveling by boat, in the hotel, downtown Tortuguero, or on the beach. Then, we have tours of the jungle. If you want to keep the mosquitoes at bay, wear pants, long sleeve shirt, and a hat too. If you have a mosquito repellant you can make these tours using your T-shirt and shorts but can still get a sting. Most of these tours are short, so you can wear thick clothes quickly and then get back to your fresh ones.


Last but not least, your shoes! Wear some tennis with a good grip. Sandals aren’t recommended unless you are in your hotel. If you want to visit a tour in the jungle, please use rubber boots. Our hotel offers you boots of this kind when you want to visit our trails. If you do not have boots, try to stay in clear areas where you can see you are stepping. But it is highly recommended to not get into any high grass areas without boots. Ask your hotel for boots, we have them ready for you.

tourist in tortuguero downtown


Most incoming from many people around is fishing, transport of goods, tourism, and commerce. Locals are honest and friendly people. But as always, visitors from outside come to Tortuguero sometimes to take advantage of people who are not careful. Waist bags are quite popular around here, the best option to carry the few things you need when you are out of your hotel. Just do not get too confident, have your money always in your bag.


Keep your phone in the waist bag. Take it for a photo or answer a message. Tortuguero is not exactly the place to bring expensive equipment or jewelry but if you did, ask the hotel for a safe place to store it. Employees in cafes, restaurants, and other services are trustable. There is a police station in the middle of Tortuguero downtown.


Not much to do in Tortuguero at night, unless you reserve a tour to visit the turtle nesting, it is best to stay at the hotel. If you are for a fancy visit to the beach at night, do not go alone and do not stay for that long. Coast guards are constantly checking the beaches with nightlights for turtle egg poachers. Remember, you are inside a national park with surveillance to protect the fauna and the flora.


If you are planning to visit Tortuguero, check OUR PACKAGES HERE. We are waiting for your visit.Do not forget the safety tips we just shared with you.