Kayaking in Tortuguero

Kayaking in Tortuguero

Kayaking in Tortuguero could be one of the most relaxing activities one can do while burning calories. But before going into details, we would like to review briefly the story of the kayaks for those who are not familiar with this amazing sport.

Kayaking as transport

Kayaks are born of the necessity of having a means of transport in highly unhospitable areas. The Inuit’s and the Aleut tribes in North America had to go from their villages to their fishing spots as fast as possible. Also, many tribes were located near the coast so most of the goods traded between them were transported by sea. While most kayaks were for 1 or 2 persons, these tribes have bigger kayaks, designed to transport entire groups or families. These primitive kayaks were made of driftwood or whale bones in their structure. Meanwhile, the surface is made of stretched animal skin. Whale fat was used to coat the surface to not allow the water in.

Modern Days

In the XIX century, the kayak made it to Europe. Soon the Europeans were kayaking for sport in both calm waters and rapids. For explorers, the kayak becomes the perfect means of transport to delve into unexplored areas like the arctic ocean or the Amazonian River. In the XX century, the kayak becomes an Olympic sport. Many of the kayak events in sports events are performed in white waters. Nowadays kayaks are made of polyethylene plastic, a material that allows waterproof, maneuverability, and lightweight properties.

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Is Tortuguero suitable for kayaking?

If you are looking for rapids, Tortuguero isn’t exactly your place. La Suerte river has strong currents, but nothing compared with Pacuare and Reventazon, two very famous rapids in Costa Rica. Otherwise, if you are looking for calm waters for mild physical activity, wildlife watching, athletic rowing or just relaxing, Tortuguero has plenty of canals, rivers, and lagoons for that. The main branch of the Tortuguero river is wide and long enough for a good session of athletic rowing. The canals’ waters are so calm that you can hold still while taking pictures of the vibrant wildlife that lurks nearby, including birds, turtles, and amphibians. The lagoons offer a good place to kayak with family and friends and have a time of leisure.

Is safe to kayak in Tortuguero?

As you suit the right gear there is nothing to be afraid of. As you can expect from any water activity, you should know how to swim and keep your composure if you fall on the water. There are crocodiles here and there, but they are small and prefer to feed on smaller animals than face a human. They are not dumb. Of course, we always recommend it, if you are not familiar with the area it is much better to be accompanied by a local guide.

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What about tours?

Our hotel, Turtle Beach Lodge offers a kayak tour to a beautiful lagoon with pitch-black waters. This causes the lagoon to reflect the sky as if it was a mirror. Our guide will be always with you, and we’ll take you there safely on a boat and back again to the hotel. You will be provided with the equipment needed for your security. It is a fun activity enjoyed much better in groups or the family. Still, you can do it alone and have an introspection moment. Or just relaxing. Check our tour section for more info.

We hope you enjoy this article. We are waiting for your visit here at Tortuguero, Limon, Costa Rica, in the Turtle Beach Lodge hotel.