Our facilities


Our facilities are designed to give the customer a relaxing time and rest while waiting for the start of the next tour. You can swim in the pool, drink a daiquiri at the bar, have a volleyball match at the beach, or just rest at our hammock huts. No matter what is your choice, our hotel is at your disposal.

  • The bar

    Enjoy a drink or a cappuccino while chatting, relaxing, or playing billiards. Our bartenders are ready to prepare from the classic to the most exotic cocktails. Or if you are fancy for a beer, go ahead.

    • cocktail drink next to bottles
    • red cocktail drink
    • pineapple cocktail
    • capuccino drink
  • Our pool

    Fancy swimming before going to sleep? Or just take a cool dip to fight the heat? No problem, our pool is as good during the day as it is during the nighttime.

  • Beach

    The beach, used by the turtles to nest is also a nice place for our customers to play a volleyball match, spend valuable couple time, or just take a small walk in the sand.

  • The dock and the lobby

    Tortuguero is awesome. Then you need all your strength to explore it. Our dock and our lobby are those quiet places you are looking to relax, read a book, take a nap or just have a nice conversation while waiting for the next tour.