Flowers of Tortuguero

In our past articles, we talked about reptiles and birds. This time it is the turn of our friends of the plant kingdom. We will focus on three beautiful flowers you can often find in Tortuguero. These photos were taken in our garden. We have plenty of these for you to enjoy in our lodge. Well, with no more hesitation, let’s start this list.

bauhiania purpurea flower

Bauhinia Purpurea

The first on our flowers list is a guest that feels at home in Tortuguero. It is the Bauhinia Purpurea, native to India and Myanmar. Introduced to almost all the world’s tropical areas after stable commerce was established between Western countries and South Asia. Its vibrant purple color makes it attractive for flower enthusiasts.
While its value in Western culture is merely decorative, in Asia it is used as a medicinal plant, mostly its leaves.
In Costa Rica, it is known as “Orquidea de Palo”, a name that implies it is some kind of orchid with its own tree. But this plant is not from the Orchidaceae family but the Fabaceae.

hibiscus rosa amapola flowers costa rica

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Our next guest is another import from Asia. Called the Amapola in Costa Rica, the Hibiscus is a very colorful flower with many variants of different colors, from bright red to vibrant orange.
Malaysia’s national flower, the hibiscus is very well known in Asian cultures, where it is used for religious and medicinal purposes. The Amapola is well extended all around the country and the continent itself but it is in areas like Tortuguero that it will look more vibrant thanks to hot temperatures. This flower and the plant are not fond of cold weather.
It produces a sweet aroma and nectar. This is why many birds love to see it as a source of food, helping the reproduction process of the plant. Once the flower is fertilized small pods start to mature. Once those reach maturity, they crack releasing small seeds that are taken by the wind or fall on the floor.

bejuco de mar Ipomoea pes-caprae flowers

Ipomoea pes-caprae

Our latest of today’s list is the Bejuco de Mar as it is known here in Costa Rica. This flower is a beach lover, as it is one of the few land plants that can stand salt air well.
The seeds can float in the sea for miles and endure the salt levels that could destroy any other seed kind. A dune conqueror, the plant grows as a vine, covering the sandy part of the beach. It is a very resilient plant that can even endure the desert as it is close to the coast.
The flower brings a unique vibrant purple color to the beaches of the world. The hairy seed is contained in the flower and when it reaches maturity it is released into the air. Then the sea breeze takes those flowers seed to other sands to conquer.


We hope you enjoyed the information provided about these flowers. We plan to write a second part as soon as possible with more beautiful plants, so stay tuned.
If you want to enjoy these plands in person, you can book one of our packages with hosting, transport, and food. Check our main page for more info.